Samantha Sykes Foundation Trust are currently working in partnership with various High Schools, Tertiary Education providers, Wakefield College, Huddersfield University & Sheffield University, with plans to extend to other educational establishments in the near future.

The trust have identified real gaps in the needs of children who are brought up in the care system and as result feel that it is impossible to continue their education after high school. Published figures show only 6% of Care Leavers progress to further and higher education.

We, at Reward Van Hire, have been supporting many local charities and are currently running special discounted offering for NHS, members of Police and Fire Brigade. It is one of our core business values to support and give back to the local communities.

We have been made aware that on December 9 the trust received an application, all applications withhold the young persons name to protect their identity, so each person has a reference name.  In the case of the application, where the donation of £1,000 from Reward Van Hire will be spend, it was for ‘Unicorn’. Unicorn is a twelve year old female who has not had the best start in her early years.  Unicorn has been a victim of Child Sexual Abuse (CSE).

With the help of Rob Haynes (director) and the team and family at Reward Van Hire the trust will be passing Unicorn on to the very capable care of Dr Andrew Dalziell, consultant in Bilateral Integration Neuro-Developmental Practitioner. Unicorn will be able to start the rehabilitation she so desperately needs.

The Samantha Sykes Foundation receives accolades and awards, but the truth is that the trust is only the middle man, without support of people who donates they could not function. And that’s why we decided to act and make a donation when it’s truly needed.

If you would like to also contribute, find the link to a donation page below.

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