Range of sizes

Our large fleet of vehicles offers wide range of sizes. Small, medium or large, our self-drive vans will work hard on your behalf providing quality self-drive van hire services that are affordable. No hidden charges, breakdown recovery and unlimited mileage included.

Our self-drive vehicles by size

Small Van Hire

When you need to make a small move, help a friend or transport some smaller furniture, our fleet of smaller vans will do the job just right. Smaller size vans are ideal when you need more space than your personal car can provide and don’t mind multiple trips when it gets busy.

Small-sized vans in our fleet:

Medium Van Hire

Our medium-sized vans are just perfect if you need a bit more space or additional seating. When you need to move your entire apartment, larger furniture or take on a construction job, our medium size vans are designed and manufactured to accommodate all your needs. Our staff is always ready to help you decide what the best configuration should be in terms of space and seating.

Medium-sized vans in our fleet:

Large Van Hire

Ideal when you need to complete a job that requires much more space, serious power using tail lift or move of a group of larger items. Featuring plenty of room for equipment and overall capacity, our fleet of larger vans is ready to work hard on your behalf while providing comfortable and flexible transport solution that makes navigating through busy towns enjoyable.

Large-sized vans in our fleet:

Box Van Hire

Our largest available vehicle. It is a great choice when you need to get set of heavy items, such as very large furniture, from one place to another comfortably. Ideal whether you are moving a whole building, buying large office equipment, moving construction material from one site to another or just need an extra very large van for your business needs.

Box vans in our fleet:

Crew Van Hire

Crew van is a great general purpose larger-sized commercial panel van with extra seating. Its great overall capacity and additional 3 seats compared to LWB Transit, means this vehicle is ideal when you need to get some extra crew onboard. It has been designed for general purpose use and provides compact driving experience in heavy traffic.

Crew vans in our fleet:

Minibus Hire

Our efficient 9 seater minibuses are the right self drive vehicle for your needs at the affordable price. Self drive minibuses are suitable if you need more seats than the average personal car provides. These vans are our recommended option if you need to get larger groups of people from one place to another comfortably.

Minibuse vans in our fleet: