9 Seater Minibus Hire

Our self-drive 9 seater minibus rental service is an affordable but high quality van hire solution that allows you and your extended family, group of friends, sports team, band or work crew to easily travel together and enjoy the journey whether you are going around the city or out of town.

Whether you are going for a football match, concert or a theater event, our minibuses provide a comfortable and convenient travel solution when navigating in such a busy city that London truly is.

9 seater minibus comes in a size to accommodate 8 passengers and 1 driver, while providing passengers with plenty of space for everyone and their belongings. For more seats please consider upgrading to our 14 seater minibus hire service.

Our 9 seater minibuses are dependable and efficient vehicles designed and built with efficiency and lowered emissions in mind. They are very similar in shape and specifications to the SWB Transit panel vans.

This vehicle is ideal for getting larger groups of people from one place to another comfortably.


Included features

Unlimited mileage

RAC Breakdown

Insurance Included

24hr return facility

25-70y old hirers **
D1 not required

Int. licences accepted

Free parking *

No hidden charges
* Subject to availability

24hr return facility

25-70y old hirers **
D1 not required

Int. licences accepted

Free parking *

No hidden charges
* Subject to availability

Our prices are 'all in'

Many companies quote a low initial hire cost, but then you may find out during application that either the van is unavailable or there are extra costs which were hidden before the booking process actually took place.

There are no hidden charges with us, what you see is what you pay.

Customer reviews

My ‘go-to’ for van hire. Vehicles are in excellent condition, hire process is simple, clear and uncomplicated, prices are competitive and staff are top notch. What more could you want?

Rinaldo, Google Reviews

Service was excellent, from the original enquiry, through picking up the van and the check over before we took it. Drop off arrangements were simple and stress free. I highly recommend this company.

Andrew, Google Reviews

AMAZING family business which was perfect for my house move. Friendly service, nothing but smiling workers when I turned up earlier than they opened. Perfect size van, easy and fun to drive and great storage.

Lorenzo, Google Reviews


Van hire for festivals
Van hire for schools
Van hire for touring bands

What jobs and activities is a 9 seater minibus hire suitable for? 9 seater minibus is a great comfortable van hire service that is very suitable when you need to get larger group of people from one place to another comfortably. It is ideal when you and your extended family or group of friends are to attend an event, participate in a short trip or holidays, or simply need to get to your final destination together without having to use multiple cars.

Minibuses are generally speaking suitable for events such as family weddings, church or school trips, sporting events, music gigs and festivals or similar. In terms of capacity, 9 seater minibus is limited to transporting groups of passengers up to 9 seats including 1 driver.

Minibus hire is a good choice if you are looking for some extra seats and efficient solution which was designed to work hard on your behalf and keep your crew safe so you could focus and enjoy the journey.

Whatever the needs Reward Van Hire is here to make your life easier. We are here to take away the stress of transporting larger groups of people or any other situation where you need some extra space or seating.

Affordable pricing

Affordable Minibus hire

affordable icon Minibus rental doesn’t have to be expensive. Our fleet of reliable, clean and well-maintained minibuses is available for hire at very competitive rates. No hidden charges – what you see is what you pay. We will not be beaten on price.

Special rates for longer rentals

affordable icon Minibus hire option offers extremely competitive rates on bookings for a week or for a whole month; ideal for instance if you need to manage rapid increase of your business or last minute holidays. Great discounts apply for longer rentals.

Why Reward Van Hire & Minibus Hire?

With years of experience, Reward Van Hire has a history of offering excellent van hire services in London. Often awarded with top customer reviews online, we pride ourselves in a customer centric attitude while addressing all the queries regarding your hire. Excellent customer service is our priority.

We focus on maintaining an accommodating attitude to ensure maximum convenience, this thoroughness and willingness to go the extra mile is reflected in the large number of customers leaving 5 star reviews and coming back to us again and again.

Our highly trained consultants are always prepared to help you plan your job, verify the vehicle dimensions and make your final decision.

top quality self-drive van hire

Because we understand the importance of reliability to our customers, our fleet of award-winning, thoroughly cleaned vehicles is at your disposal maintained to the highest standard.

When a van is being returned to us after a successful hire period, it always goes through a numerous meticulous cleaning and maintenance processes until we are 100% happy with the result and the vehicle can be rehired.

It is not expensive at all to hire a self-drive van from Reward Van Hire. We pride ourselves in providing high quality vehicle rental service at an affordable price. Our fleet of vehicles is designed to provide an affordable and flexible van hire experience which means we have a van for you every time you’ll need to make your life easier.

Despite the high quality of our service, we believe that we remain the cheapest self-drive van hire and minibus hire in north London. We guarantee no surprise when it comes to the price. There are no hidden charges with us, what you see is what you pay.

Our affordable van hire services are suitable if you need a great van for your business or move your apartment around. As a local family run van hire company, we welcome businesses and individuals alike. Our fleet of self-drive vehicles is suitable to fit your advanced requirements and provide enough space and seats whatever the needs.

The capital is one busy city and hiring one of our vans in London will enable you to focus on what business or personal needs you have got to be resolved rather than the vehicle itself. Our vans are 100% stress free and your family as well as your business will always be in safe hands.

Transport around London can be unpleasant experience. Our staff will help you with the planning of your hire to avoid any unnecessary delays. No matter what the occasion calls, we have a great self-drive van hire deal that will suit your needs.

Many van hire companies quote a low initial hire cost, but then you may find out during application that either the van is unavailable or there are extra costs which were hidden before the booking process actually took place.

There are no hidden charges with us, what you see is what you pay. Special rates and deals apply if you need to hire a great self-drive van for a longer term. Ideal if you need the vehicle for more than a month, to for instance manage rapid increase of your business.

There is no waiting time when it comes to renting a self-drive vehicle from Reward Van Hire. We pride ourselves in providing fast vehicle hire turnaround with no queues and reasonable amount of paperwork.

The quickest way to book your van is to walk into our van hire office in north London directly and talk with a member of our staff about your specific needs. They will help you choose which vehicle suits your job the most.

Depending on availability of our fleet you will most likely be able to book your van immediately or arrange one for the very near future. Please be aware that without previous reservation we cannot guarantee availability of any vehicle in our fleet.

To hire a van from our self-drive van hire company, there are no excessive requirements for documentation. All you will need is listed below:

  • Photocard Licence
  • Proof of address (e.g. utility bill, bank statement, etc.)
  • One additional document (e.g. proof of address, passport, credit card, etc.)
  • UK Licence holders must complete a licence check (read more)
  • Non-UK licence holders must bring a passport or National ID Card.

Our Kentish Town based self-drive van hire company is conveniently situated in London’s famous Camden, just a short distance away if you want to hire a van coming from Islington or Hackney.

Local hirers will find our headquarters very accessible from anywhere in central London and especially when you are coming to hire a great van from north London. It only takes just a short drive by car or a short ride by tube. Find out more about how to find our van hire office.

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