Self Drive Minibus Hire

Reward Van Hire provide high quality self drive minibus hire services that are affordable. Our efficient 9 seater minibuses are a recommended solution when you need more seats at the affordable price and require to drive the vehicle yourself. Our minibuses are suitable if you need more space than the average personal car provides. The vans are built for the ultimate goal to help you out when you need to get larger groups of people from one place to another comfortably.

Our self-drive minibus hire fleet

9 Seater Minibus

9 Seater – Comfortable & affordable group trips

Self-drive 9 Seater Minibus Hire

Self-drive minibus hire

All self-drive minibuses in our fleet are a dependable and efficient vehicles designed and built with efficiency and lowered emissions in mind. Contact our self drive van hire & minibus hire company office today to book your vehicle.

Included: Unlimited mileage, RAC Breakdown, insurance

Affordable minibus hire, no hidden charges

24hr return facility

Minibus hire documentation

Before you get ready to hire a self drive minibus hire, make sure you do have the right documentation in order. The documentation required can vary dramatically depending on the supplier. We will ask for the following:

  • Photocard Licence
  • Proof of address (e.g. utility bill, bank statement, etc.)
  • One additional document (e.g. proof of address, passport, credit card, etc.)
  • UK Licence holders must complete a licence check
  • Non-UK licence holders must bring a passport or National ID Card
  • 25 – 70 years old hirers

Self drive minibus hire without driver

self drive minibus hire

What does it mean self drive? Self drive minibus hire means that you will not be able to rely on a professional driver and will have to drive yourself.

Before you even start getting minibus hire quotes, estimate how far you need to drive, whether you need to go abroad and how many people will you have on board.

It is vital to get this right, as some companies for instance do not allow trips abroad due to their insurance policies.

Excellent customer service

Our dedicated staff are at your service to address all the queries regarding your self drive minibus hire. Our large fleet of minibuses is at your service whatever your requirements are any time of the season.

Highly trained consultants at Reward are always happy and prepared to help you plan your job, verify the dimensions and make your final decision.

With years of experience, Reward Van Hire, a north London based van hire company has a history of offering excellent service (5 * Reviews) and we pride ourselves in a customer centric attitude.

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