If you are thinking about moving your house in London, then you might consider saving some money on hiring a man & van or a removals company to collect and transport your possessions and do it yourself instead. With perhaps a little help from your family and friends and also from a self-drive van hire company, the task becomes more than feasible.

Van hire

Reward Van Hire is very experienced in supplying self-drive van hire services for house moves, so much so we have put together a list of useful tips to help you get through the challenge of moving in London.

Planning your house move using self-drive van hire

Moving your house can quickly turn into one of the most stressful experiences. So in order to keep the stress at bay, we recommend to thoroughly plan your house move in advance. When planning your house move, make sure you start by estimating how much stuff have you got and how much space you require in terms of transport. Also note, that should make sure the weight of the items you shall be carrying is not excessive. And finally, work out the distance you are expected to be travelling.

If you are travelling a short distance you may be able to do multiple trips with a smaller vehicle, however a long distance trip may need to be done in a single trip. It may however be cheaper to rent a large van for a single trip than to rent a smaller van for multiple trips when considering fuel costs.

If you plan on travelling through London or any motorways, make sure to take into consideration toll roads and Congestion Charge. Finally, make sure you are able to park at the location of your new house destination.

Van hire price comparison and research

We recommend searching around for the best van hire prices available, however be aware the prices you are quoted online may not always be the price you pay. There are many possible price additions that are not made clear at booking, these include:

  • Mileage
  • Insurance
  • Excess Waivers
  • Credit Card Fees

All additional fees should be found in the terms and conditions.

Vehicle pick-up/return tips

You will need to provide the correct documentation and identification. Most companies will require your full licence (which will consist of both the photocard and counterpart), at least one proof of address and either a credit or debit card.

Again, reading the terms and conditions should be clear on what you require. The company will provide you with a rental agreement for your hire, we recommend you read the agreement in full and confirm that all the details regarding yourself are correct. Also, confirm the registration of the vehicle is the same registration as the vehicle you drive away.

Once you have been issued a rental agreement, you will be required to inspect your vehicle. Most companies will bring a damage report sheet to mark down existing damages. If you have a camera (or camera phone) take your own pictures of any damage. If the company has a policy for returning the fuel at the same or a preset level, take note of this level before departing. Also, take note of any contact numbers in case of emergency such as a breakdown.

Vehicles should be returned in the same condition as when they were taken, with the fuel level returned to the level agreed on the day of hire. If you are returning out of hours, you should have been shown the procedure used. Please be aware most companies will continue liability of the vehicle outside of business hours. The vehicle should always be returned on time as per the terms of the hire. If you need to extend the hire, you should do so during the agreed hire period as the vehicle may not be available for extended periods.

Great tips to remember when moving house

  • Obtain multiple quotes from reputable van hire companies and make sure the quote includes everything you need
  • Reserve  a date for your house move as early as you can and verify the schedule with your estate agents as often as you can
  • Reserve a suitable van for moving as soon as you can and request confirmation from the rental company by email
  • Remember to pack your driver’s licence and a couple of utility bills
  • You are going to need a credit or debit card to pay a deposit for your van hire
  • Check with your van hire company if they provide accessories needed for house move such as cardboard boxes, bubble-wrap and packing tape
  • Write a short label onto each card box

Accessories needed to move house

There is a number of products that will enable you to make sure that the removal process is smooth and effortless.

Household Tool Kit

There’s nothing worse than starting your house move without much needed tools such as screwdriver or scissors. Make sure you have all the needed tools ready for action in order to avoid stressful situations.

Removal boxes

The most essential items needed in terms of moving your house are removal boxes. There is a variety of different packing boxes but the most common ones are cardboard boxes which come in different sizes such as small, medium and large. Make sure you accurately estimate how many boxes is required based on the size of your house.

Packing tape

Packing tape is another essential accessory that you will surely need in order to successfully complete your house move. There are several different types but the common brown packing tape will help you seal the boxes just fine.

Bubble wraps

Protective materials such as bubble wraps, are necessary to ensure all your fragile pieces such as glassware or electronics remain safe during packing and transportation. Used newspaper can also be applied to wrap some items in order to avoid getting them scratched from other objects during the transportation process.

Permanent marker

In order to clarify the contents of each box and avoid confusion, use permanent markers and labels. Labels will save you a lot of time and effort when unpacking in your new home.

Got a question?

At Reward Van Hire we are always happy to help and answer all your queries regarding moving your house in London. Just give us a call no strings attached on 020 7284 2703.

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