Best Places to live in North London

North London Coffee

North London and it’s thriving multicultural neighbourhoods are quickly becoming one the most sought-after districts by both local Londoners and visiting tourists.

Families as well as professionals are being attracted by the cosmopolitan character of the streets north of the river and with many of the places currently under redevelopment, there are many options to chose from when looking for a new place to stay. This is our take on what are the best areas to live in North London.

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How to move house in London using self-drive van hire

If you are thinking about moving your house in London, then you might consider saving some money on hiring a man & van or a removals company to collect and transport your possessions and do it yourself instead. With perhaps a little help from your family and friends and also from a self-drive van hire company, the task becomes more than feasible. Reward Van Hire is very experienced in supplying self-drive van hire services for house moves, so much so we have put together a list of useful tips to help you get through the challenge of moving in London.

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Why are self drive van hire services suitable for estate agents in North London

London’s real estate market or also known as property market is one of the busiest in the country and perhaps in the world. Great numbers of residential real estates containing either a single family or multifamily structures, commercial real estates containing office spaces and corporate buildings make the city very attractive in terms of rentals as well as investments.

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8 driving tips in London for Self Drive Van Hire

van hire traffic

Some people find the idea of trying to navigate through London by van as the ultimate nightmare. Huge foot traffic with pedestrians stepping into the streets, vehicles honking, buses pulling out unexpectedly and so on. And although it’s a good idea to avoid driving in central London particularly at peak times, the reality is not that grim. And while London can be scary to drive in, by following certain rules and tips you’ll be navigating the city in confidence.

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