London’s real estate market or also known as property market is one of the busiest in the country and perhaps in the world. Great numbers of residential real estates containing either a single family or multifamily structures, commercial real estates containing office spaces and corporate buildings make the city very attractive in terms of rentals as well as investments.

In fact three quarters of Fortune 500 companies have a London office. And with the capital flowing in, there’s no wonder the number of businesses that participate in the market steadily increases.

Who exactly are estate agents?

An estate agent is a person or business (local as well as international) that arranges the selling, renting or management of properties, and other buildings. An agent that specialises in renting in London is often called a letting or management agent.

Estate agents are mainly engaged in the marketing of property available for sale and a solicitor or licensed conveyancer is used to prepare the legal documents. When engaged in a service such as property management, self drive van hire services are of a great help when it comes to moving homes, apartments or offices around.

Established estate agents in North London

We have quite a few established estate agents in North London. They vary in size as well as in their specialities. For instance the high street in Kentish Town is a home to many of them. To name a few top rated on Google e.g. Chestertons, Rochester Place, Keatons or Matthew James & Co (full list ordered by top rating here

How can estate agents benefit from self drive van hire?

Estate agents who manage large numbers of properties will surely appreciate high quality of a self drive van hire service when it comes to the following activities:

  • Renting and management of residential properties
  • Renting and management of commercial properties
  • Office space management and serviced office lettings
  • Moving furniture in and out of a property
  • Furnishing a property with new furniture
  • End of tenancy clean up and other

Our van hire for estate agents is reliable and affordable.

How to hire a van if you are an estate agent

Plan, plan, plan. Before you even start getting self drive van hire quotes, estimate how far you need to drive, whether you need to go abroad and how many people will you have on board. It is vital to get this right, as some companies for instance do not allow trips abroad due to their insurance policies. As an estate agent make sure you consider the following points:

  • Compare pricing of local van hire companies
  • Prepare correct documentation and identification
  • Inspect your vehicle before taking off
  • Check live traffic updates for London frequently
  • Be aware of wider turning radius and higher centre of gravity
  • Return self drive vehicle on time

Van hire pricing for estate agents

There will be two major groups of companies to consider when it comes to pricing. The bigger national companies will generally charge more than the smaller local ones. Here at Reward Van Hire, we offer great discounts on long term hires and great rates for repeat customers. With no queues, guaranteed vehicles when you book them and no hidden charges, we encourage all estate agents to request a quote from us.

Available vehicle sizes

When searching for the best deal be aware that the size of vehicle will matter. Smaller vans are suitable if you need more space than the average personal car provides and are generally cheaper. Larger vans on the other hand, are our recommended option if you need to transport larger items. The price will be slightly higher though. We offer the following range of sizes:

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