When planning your van hire, start by estimating how much space you require, the weight of the items you shall be carrying and time required to complete the journey. Also, work out the distance you are expected to be travelling.

Van hire

If you are travelling a short distance you may be able to do multiple trips with a smaller vehicle, however a long distance trip may need to be done in a single trip. It may however be cheaper to rent a large van for a single trip than to rent a smaller van for multiple trips when considering fuel costs.

If you plan on travelling through London or any motorways, make sure to take into consideration toll roads and congestion charge. Finally, and quite importantly, make sure you are able to park at the location of your trip.

Search around for the best prices available

We recommend searching around for the best prices available. However be aware the prices you are quoted online may not always be the price you pay. There are many possible price additions that are not made clear at booking, these include for example: mileage, insurance, excess waivers or credit card fees. All additional fees should be found in the terms and conditions documentation of your van hire provider. In our case, it’s no hidden costs whatsoever.

Find the following pricing table of our van hire services here at Reward Van Hire.

At Reward Van Hire we offer a variety of affordable van rental options for both personal and business needs. We are a family run self-drive van hire and minibus hire company based in Kentish Town, North London; offering a fast, flexible, efficient and quality van hire service.

Special rates for longer rentals

Note that you can usually choose from daily, weekly, monthly vehicle hire or longer. Most companies offer flexible range of self-drive van hire options  including vans for the short term and long term.

In case of longer hire the price per day can significantly decrease therefore make sure you plan your trip well to avoid extra expenses.

At Reward Van Hire we are always ready to accommodate all your needs and requirements inclusive of:

  • Van hire for a day
  • Weekend hire
  • Whole week hire
  • Van hire for a month
  • Long term van hire

Our van hire options offers extremely competitive rates on bookings for a week or for a whole month; ideal for instance if you need to manage rapid increase of your business or moving your flat to a further destination.

What size of vehicle do you need?

When searching for the best deal be aware that the size of vehicle will matter. Smaller vans are suitable if you need more space than the average personal car provides and are generally cheaper. Larger vans on the other hand, are our recommended option if you need to move home, travel, or transport larger items. The price will be slightly higher though.

National van hire companies vs. local small businesses

In order to get the best price for a day of van hire, do search around for smaller local businesses. Online search will usually produce large national companies on the first page of the search engine’s result pages, but not always is the pricing the best you can find in those cases. Search your area using online maps instead, especially focusing on smaller local businesses as they can provide outstanding service with even better pricing.

Reputation is not to be overlooked

Remember, cheapest is not always the best. When searching around for a deal, pay attention to company reputation and online reviews in particular.

We take our reputation seriously and provide excellent 5 star customer service (Google, Facebook reviews). We have highly trained consultants always prepared to help you make the final decision. And because we understand the importance of reliability to our customers, our fleet of award-winning, thoroughly cleaned vehicles is at your disposal maintained to the highest standard. Comprehensive AA Recovery, insurance cover and unlimited mileage are also included with each rental.

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