Parking in central London can be difficult and expensive with parking restrictions typically in place from Monday to Saturday and congestion zone charges usually Monday to Friday. In this guide we will look at how much it costs and how difficult it is to park your car or van in the borough of Islington in north London.

Islington parking

Controlled Parking Zones

CPZs (Controlled Parking Zones) are areas where parking your vehicle on the street is controlled during specified times by a local authority. They are quite effective way of managing parking spaces and are commonly used in busy areas across London. Whether you need to park for a visit, work or for instance attending a football match, make sure you familiarise yourself with local parking enforcement rules to avoid a penalty charge.

Parking permits in Islington

Most people who are residents of and live in Islington can apply for a parking permit. Also, anyone can apply to rent an estate parking space and temporary permits are available for visitors in Islington.

Resident parking permits

Resident parking permits are designed to address parking needs of the local communities of residents. Their are suitable for the residents of Islington who want to park by their home. Residents will need to first check whether their street is permit free. This can be done via Islington council website.

Resident parking permit example


  • Vauxhall Astra 2001+ 1.4i CO2 127g/km
  • 12 months
  • + £99.65 if diesel

Visitor vouchers

Visitor vouchers are temporary permits you can buy for your visitors so they can park in a nearby residents bay. Residents of Islington can now buy electronic vouchers or e-vouchers (resident visitor permits) via Islington’s parking partner RingGo to make it easier for residents to organise visitor parking.


  • £14.25 all day
  • 50p per 30 minutes

If you are 60 or over, or are getting Incapacity Benefit, Disability Living Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance, your 30-minute, three-hour and all day vouchers are half price.


  • £7.10 all day
  • 25p per 30 minutes

Estate parking

Anyone can apply for an Islington estate parking space or garage. Priority is given to Islington estates residents and blue badge holders but non-Islington residents are welcome to apply. Where estate parking spaces are available they can be allocated to non-residents.

The cost of a parking permit mainly depends on your vehicle type and its emissions. Full table of permit costs is available via Islington council website.

Estate parking permit example


  • Vauxhall Astra 2001+ 1.4i CO2 127g/km
  • 12 months

Permission to Park

If you are carrying out building or essential works in the borough of Islington, then you will need to buy a Permission to Park to park near your work site. This apply to all vehicles including self-drive van hire used in Islington.

Permission to park notices are for people who need to park to carry out building, construction or any type of maintenance work. They may also be used for domestic removals, though this is not usually necessary.


  • One day £26.50

Parking tickets for a short stay

The borough of Islington maintain almost 6,500 short stay parking bays in the area. Anyone can pay to park in these bays using RingGo, Epay shops, or the machines located on the streets of the borough. You will need your debit or credit card details and your vehicle registration number to do this.

You can pay for your short stay using one of the following options:

  • Pay by phone – Pay by phone or sign up for the RingGo service and use their smartphone app
  • Cash – Epay shops
  • Cash – Parking machines

The cost of parking in a short stay bay varies between £2.40 to £6 per hour depending on how busy the area is, use RingGo to check prices.

From January 2018, an additional charge of £2 per hour will apply to all diesel vehicles paying for short stay parking in Islington.

£2.40 to £6

  • Per hour depending on how busy the area is.
  • £2 per hour will apply to all diesel vehicles.

Parking to move home

In most cases you can park near your Islington property for domestic removals for free.

Loading and unloading

In Islington loading and unloading of goods is permitted for up to 40 minutes. Loading and unloading activity is permitted:

  • on double and single yellow lines (where there are no loading restrictions in place)
  • in resident, shared use and short stay bays

Match day parking

When there is a football match or event at the Emirates Stadium additional parking controls which prioritise parking for local residents and businesses come into operation. This means that controlled parking zones (CPZs) have extra operating hours. The controls are to prevent stadium visitors from using local parking spaces.

To find out when matches are taking place please visit Arsenal’s website for the latest fixtures.

Parking for disabled

The Blue Badge disabled parking scheme is fully recognised in Islington. Islington also offer a number of dedicated disabled parking bays on the highway that you can locate on our maps. We also offer spaces on our estates.

If you are a resident, you are entitled to a free resident parking permit. You can apply for a Blue Badge online.


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