When you need to hire a van in London you will surely find our hire procedure incredibly straight forward. Booking your seat in one of our great and affordable vans takes no time and you will be ready to go in minutes

We are a self-drive van hire service family run business with 15 years of excellence already behind us therefore our processes are time efficient with a focus on customer satisfaction as our priority. We offer the following three methods of booking your van:

Van hire in person

The quickest way to book your van is to walk into our office in North London directly to talk with a member of our staff about your specific needs and choose which vehicle rental suits your job the most.

Depending on availability of our fleet you may be able to book your van immediately or arrange one for the very near future. Please be aware that without previous reservation we cannot guarantee availability of any vehicle in our fleet.

Van hire via phone

You can also call our North London based office directly and book your van with a member of our staff. Our dedicated professional staff is at your service to quickly address all you needs and requests.

Our highly trained consultants will help you make the final decision and find the van to suit your needs at no time. Do not hesitate to call 020 7284 2703 today to secure your booking in advance.

Van hire via internet

Very fast way to hire a van with Reward Van Hire is to require a quote online. Our simple online quotation form will present you with an instant selection of our vans to choose from. One of our professional van hire staff consultants will get back to you at no time with several option for you to choose from.

Step 1: Select a date

Kindly select a hire date and a return date for you desired time period. You will be able to select you van in the next step.

Step 2: Select a van

Once a desired hire and return date has been selected, you can chose your van as per your requirement for size, seating or space.

Step 3: Fill in details

When you have decided on the type of van and a time period of your hire you will need to fill in hirer’s details to further process your booking.

Step 4: Confirmation

All done. Please be aware that when booking online the vehicle is NOT automatically confirmed and a member of staff will need to verify and process the booking during office hours. You will be contacted by a member of our team to complete your booking as soon as we possible usually within 10 to 15 minutes during the business hours.