Minibus Hire London

We, at Reward Van Hire & Minibus Hire London, maintain our minibuses to the highest standard. Cleanliness, reliability and excellent customer service is what we take pride in.

London Minibus Hire

Minibuses come in a variety of makes, shapes, ranges of sizes when it comes to minibus hire in London.

Number of seats specifically matters as it must be planned for according to the size of your group.

They are mostly comfortable and efficient vehicles, easy to drive even in London and if well-maintained then very reliable.

Minibuses are ideal for group outings, day and weekend trips or short holidays out of London.

Minibus Hire London from Reward

Our 14 Seater Minibuses are a dependable and efficient vehicles designed and built with efficiency and lowered emissions in mind.

They are very similar in shape and specifications to the Transit panel vans. This vehicle is ideal for getting larger groups of people from one place to another comfortably.

Some people find the idea of trying to navigate through London in a minibus as the ultimate nightmare. Huge foot traffic with pedestrians stepping into the streets, vehicles honking, buses pulling out unexpectedly and so on.

Tips for Minibus Hire in London

Find the tips as follows to make your live easier while driving in London:

  • Check live traffic updates for London frequently
  • Scrap the distractions – That means turning off the radio, putting your phone on silent and removing all moving objects from your view
  • Watch out for motorbikes and scooters in London
  • Watch your speed inside and outside built up areas

14 Seater Minibus Hire

Minibus Hire London

One Day: £89.00
Weekend: £178.00
One Week: £445.00
Save £178.00
One Month: £1,495.00
Save £997.00

* prices exclude VAT
* special rates for longer rentals

Affordable minibus hire in London

14 Seater Minibus rental doesn’t have to be expensive. Our fleet of reliable, clean and well-maintained minibus vehicles is available for hire at very competitive rates. At Reward Van Hire we guarantee no surprise when it comes to the price and no hidden charges is our motto.

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